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Directional Boring

Directional boring is the preferred method of utility installation where open trenching is not possible or overly costly due to surface obstacles like roads, congested utility corridors, or waterways. Our equipment is capable of navigating these conditions with minimal surface disruption. We are capable of installing products up to 18" in diameter with distances up to 1000'.

Cable plowing is an installation method by which a cable or pipe is fed through a chute attached to a blade that cuts a narrow slot in the ground and lays the cable below grade. Plowing is best suited for rural areas where cable or small pipe is to be buried for long distances. Our plows are capable of burying multiple cables to depths of 60".



Trenching is the method of choice when the size of product being installed is too large to plow or ground conditions are too difficult. This method can involve simply digging a trench with a backhoe or using a more specialzed trencher or rock saw to cut a trench to later drop cable or pipe into. We have the knowledge and experience to handle trenching in any type of soil conditions.


Cable pulling and blowing are both methods of installing cable in existing duct or conduit. Cable can be pulled using rope or string for short distances and is typically done in settings where pull points are close together or cable is larger in size. Smaller diameter cable can also be blown using a compressor and is utilized when access points are further apart. We are equipped for both operations and welcome the opportunity to take on your next project.

Cable Pulling/Blowing

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